The Grateful Dog Kennel

Your Best Friend's Favorite Place

Welcome to Grateful Dog Kennel!

doginkennelcroppedGrateful Dog Kennel is a hands on facility that gives quality care to dogs of all shapes and sizes!

We are dog lovers and wanted to design a kennel where dogs could feel comfortable. Our large 4 ft by 8 ft rooms gives dogs the comfort to be able to sleep how they want and room to move around. We want clients to bring the comfort of their home here, ie dog beds and toys. Dogs get lots of walks here on a 9 acre wooded lot. Exercise is important. Daily love and belly scratches are normal here as well as a daily peanut butter smother boney!

The comfortability of dogs is super important to us and we strive to provide a loving environment to all dogs. We are excellent at the care of high anxiety dogs and dogs that have fear aggression. We take our time and make sure to build trust with each and every one of our clients!

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