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doginkennelcroppedGrateful Dog Kennel is a hands on facility that gives quality care to dogs of all shapes and sizes!

We are dog lovers and wanted to design a kennel where dogs could feel comfortable. Our large 4 ft by 8 ft rooms gives dogs the comfort to be able to sleep how they want and room to move around. We want clients to bring the comfort of their home here, ie dog beds and toys. Dogs get lots of walks here on a 9 acre wooded lot. Exercise is important. Daily love and belly scratches are normal here as well as a daily peanut butter smother boney!

The comfortability of dogs is super important to us and we strive to provide a loving environment to all dogs. We are excellent at the care of high anxiety dogs and dogs that have fear aggression. We take our time and make sure to build trust with each and every one of our clients!

Halloween is right around the corner!!!!

We are big fans of the Halloween holiday around here, one because our beautiful smart daughter is a Halloween baby, but two because we love dogs in Halloween costumes!!  Remember if your post a picture of your dog on our Facebook page you will receive a free day!! If you don’t have a Facebook page then you can email the picture to me, through this webpage. We love to see dogs in costumes!!

New Specials for the months of September and October!!!!!

Good Day every dog lover out there. We are offering some new specials for the months of September and October!!  So for NEW customers, schedule in September and October and receive 10% off your bill as long as you scheduled for 3 days or longer!! In October for existing customers and new customers post a picture of your dog, in a Halloween costume, on our Facebook dog kennel page and receive a day free!!!! If you don’t have Facebook then email me a picture thru the email connected thru this webpage.

Don’t forget our regular everyday offers as well

***refer a friend that schedules you earn days free!!

***share our dog kennel page on your Facebook page and receive $5 off your next visit.

*** Our cheap Bath and nails are always done for only $10 each!!!

Its a bird! Its a plane! Its a crop duster!!!!

A few days ago above the dog kennel, the crop dusters were circling the kennel while spraying the fields. Every time the plane would circle the dogs would stop barking, and look up towards the sky. It was super cute and entertaining. Here’s what the pooches saw…crop duster1 crop duster2

Busy summer kennel!!

We’ve had a busy summer so far at the kennel. We have had many dogs of all shapes and sizes. We had our first Papillion come for an overnight stay. We have had many Mastiffs, boxers, labs, mutts…we love them all! Here is one my newest favorites, a little Yorkie named “Prancer”. She is such a good girl. She never barks, eats  well, potty outside every time. She is a good good dog, and now one of my favorites! And what a great pic…she has her tongue sticking out!!prancer

Summertime work….or is it?!?!?!

Summer time is in full bloom, here at the Kennel. My little helper, Gracie and I have been busy at work…walking, but mostly loving our extended family of pooches.  Here’s two of our favorites from this summer so far. It’s hard to call it work, when it’s fun all the time!!!Gingeandme gracienadhenry

Summertime News

It’s Summer time here at the Grateful Dog Kennel. The dogs are loving this wonderful sunshine when they go on their long walks around our wooded 9 acre lot!! We have set up a few pools in the dogs outside play area to play in and get refreshed! The bushes surrounding the dog kennel are in full bloom and offering much needed shade on the hot afternoons. We are loving life here, so make your summertime reservations now!!

Chinese Crested at the Grateful Dog Kennel!!!

fancy2We are so excited!! We have never had the breed a Chinese Crested. We got our first one today!! Her name is Fancy and she’s so cute and so little. She is hairless except for face and around feet. Super cute, super friendly little girl. We are excited to add her to our growing family!!

Beating the odds with high anxiety dogs during boarding

Meet Daisy a very nice German Shepherd who has some high anxiety during kennel visits. When she first came it was hard to get close to her at all, lots of growling, cowering in her cage, followed by attacking the door where I stood. We slowly got Daisy comfortable with us. By using peanut butter, special dog treats her owners provided, and a nice calm smooth voice she finally stopped the growling. Then we proceeded to open her room door and lay down flat and lay our hands out to smell, she finally sniffed our hands. We finally got her outside by opening her room door and not making eye contact, just a calm chant of her name and she followed us outside. A few days of that routine, and now we got her rubbing on us for love and getting leashed for walks. We try really hard here to make these dogs feel comfortable with us. These are our family members not just a dog, so we work with all breeds of dogs to try to get them comfortable in a kenneling situation. Daisy is a wonderful dog, just scared. We hope all families with these types of dogs, give us a try, we would love to help out!!20160505_081613

Check out our Special Deals!

Don’t forget all the ways our dog kennel tries to save you money during your stay and the deals we offer!!

**Refer a friend, who schedules and you receive a day free. If you have one dog its a $19 savings, two dogs a $38 savings, and so on.

**Memorial Day Special….Schedule a stay over memorial day for at least 5 days and receive $10 off your bill!!

**We offer $10 baths

**We offer $10 nail trims

**All walks, play time, love and peanut butter bones are included in what you already pay!!

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